After reviewing the work Abbie Kozik submitted into the Art Takes Times Square competition, the Editorial Committee chose I couldn't have done it without you. No. 3 to be featured in their special coffee-table book, Art Takes Times Square.

Out of the tens of thousands of artists who entered the Art Takes Times Square contest, only a select few will appear in this publication. Abbie can take pride in knowing that her work was among the best they saw.

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Abbie Kozik selected as one of Art Business News (ABN) magazine's TOP 50 EMERGING ARTISTS OF 2012. See ABN March/April 2012 issue, page 38.







Work of Denver-Based Artist Abbie Kozik Exposes Themes in Nature and Science with Humor and Vivid Color

DENVER — Oct. 3, 2011 — To compose music, write a novel or paint a portrait requires courage, said modernist painter Marc Chagall. "Whatever," Denver-based artist Abbie Kozik might retort.

"Yeah, right" and "Never mind" are other come-backs Kozik has tossed into the lofty world of art.

The attitude-rich lines are titles of paintings by the artist that will be on public display Thursday, November 17, thanks to Allied Jewish Apartments (AJA), Cherry Creek. Marcia Helfant, AJA's director of Development and Community Relations, says there is a value to Kozik's art that AJA wants to share with the entire community. "We are offering this opportunity for others to see this beautiful, creative work. Abbie's aesthetic is highly appealing."

The exhibit and a reception will be from 6 to 8 p.m. in the South Tower of the complex, 22 S. Adams St., Denver. Steele St. Bank & Trust is sponsoring the event.The exhibit, titled Mash Ups, is Kozik's first one-woman show. For 25 years she has been a graphic designer, specializing in design for Denver's nonprofit organizations. Then in 2009 she picked up a paintbrush to work in a fresh direction, "To move away from type and what is linear," she says. Kozik's primary work continues to be graphic design, with fine art as a sideline.

Kozik says about exhibiting at AJA, "The space is good because viewers of my artwork will be forced to look deep into my paintings." After the November 17 opening, AJA will exhibit a smaller number of Kozik's paintings through the holidays. The event, says Helfant, gives lovers of art and culture who reside at AJA and cannot travel to galleries the opportunity to access fine art right at home. And, she emphasizes, the entire community is welcome.

"This exhibit is Allied Jewish Apartments providing a resource and something of value for everyone." She adds, "Allied Jewish Apartments has been providing supportive services in this location for 40 years. We are very much a part of the Cherry Creek community that has grown up around us. We welcome you to get to know us."

Mash Ups: Science and Nature in Flowing Color. Chagall also commented, "Great art picks up where nature ends," and nature and science are themes in Kozik's work. The art explores, for example, string theory, stresses on the natural environment, and art in nature, such as rippling water. Each Mash Up begins through Kozik's economizing on paint, scraping off the palette what is left from one finished painting and applying it to a new canvas. "Right then a new painting begins," she says.

Kozik says of the public's relationship to her work, “I want people to be happy when they see their favorite color on the canvas." She continues, "Subject matter aside, a person’s relationship with a painting always comes back to color. I want people to look closely to discover new colors they didn’t see on first look.” To render a beautiful flow of color, Kozik created Mash Ups in acrylic on canvas.

Works will be for sale at the opening November 17.

For more about Abbie Kozik's artistic process and inspiration, visit The artist may be contacted at 303-751-1517 or

Allied Jewish Apartments is online at Development and Community Relations Director Marcia Helfant may be reached at 720-382-7805 or

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Using Color and Humor, New Abstract Art Invites another

Look at the Messes We Humans Make

In Her First Show at New York’s Artexpo 2011, Abbie Kozik Shows Why Midcareer Is The Best Time to Do Something New

Denver, Colorado – (March 22, 2011) – Abbie Kozik is not through with graphic design, but after 25 years of working with type, she appreciates paint. “Moving away from what is linear,” as Ms. Kozik describes her shift, not

only expands her professional media, but creates the expanse for breaking open the content of her work. This is a benefit to her audience because Abbie Kozik paints for the art collector and viewer, just as she has designed for

nonprofit and corporate clients in Denver for years. “I don't want to dictate how my paintings should be viewed,” says Ms. Kozik, who adds that she may start signing her work on the reverse so a collector can hang a piece any way

he or she wants. “I want people to always discover something new when they look at my paintings.”

Having picked up a paintbrush as recently as 2009, Abbie Kozik’s work is on display March 25-27 at New York’s Artexpo 2011, the “world’s largest fine art trade show.”Ms. Kozik’s paintings, including selections from two series,

I couldn’t have done it without you and Organic matter, will be in the Shared SOLO Gallery at Pier 94 on the Hudson River, New York City.

Abbie Kozik’s art, while inviting our contribution to how it is best viewed, also invites us to a conversation on key global events, including human catastrophe. Ms. Kozik’s point is to depict humor, beauty and contradiction for the sake of perspective, if not a check on individual and corporate social responsibility. I couldn’t have done it without you, for example, invites us to see the balance of the forces of nature at work in our lives. The piece represents the tension between the gifts of nature and human environmental disrespect.

By comparison, the series Organic matter has textures that emerge in geometric shapes and representations of scientific and natural phenomenon. These include string theory and dripping water. “I love to paint,” says Ms. Kozik. And she paints subjects she loves.

The humor Ms. Kozik invests in the titles of each of these series, combined with her strong use of color, ensures that every viewer, from environmental activist to oil company executive, may be drawn to and appreciate this art.

To render a beautiful flow of color on the canvas, Ms. Kozik used Golden Acrylic Artist Colors. She appreciates the story told by representatives for Golden that American Abstract Expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler asked Sam Golden to develop a paint that was viscous and could be poured.

Ms. Kozik’s respect for the acrylics with which she paints is central to the layering technique alive in her work. She explains, “I hate to waste paint. When I’m done with a piece, I scrape off paint from the palette, and right then, another painting is developing. I then smear these colors onto another canvas.”

As much as technique and the economizing of paint, Ms. Kozik enjoys when viewers discover their favorite color in her work and feel happy in the discovery. And if that color should represent muck in the artist’s mind? Then the collector has his or her say, too, and a new conversation has begun.

Following Artexpo New York 2011, Ms. Kozik has been invited to exhibit in the Florence Biennale 2011. Founded in 1997, the event is popularly regarded as the global convocation of diverse artists, such as David Hockney and Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

For information about Ms. Kozik’s background and works of art currently for sale, visit or telephone 1+303.751.1517.

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